Expansion of the Distribution Center and Extension of the Conveyor System

A new construction project has been underway since August: the distribution center is being extended to create 755 square meters of additional space.

In addition to the four existing ones, two new loading lanes are being installed with now four instead of the previous three lanes for up to 36 instead of the previous 27 pallets. Warehouse manager Stefan Schmutte is responsible for controlling and monitoring storage and hopes the extension will result in faster workflows with shorter waiting times for trucks.

"The installation of the two new loading lanes will take place in the fall, so that everything will be ready in the winter, and we can benefit from the advantages. Now, four trucks can be loaded at the same time; after the extension, there will be six, which is a third more," says Stefan Schmutte, who has been with Zerhusen Kartonagen for 24 years. Originally, the trained retail salesman wanted to bridge time when he was unemployed for a few weeks and asked Zerhusen for a temporary job. He started as a forklift driver, later worked as a shift supervisor in shipping and has now been warehouse manager for 15 years. Not an unusual career path at Zerhusen.

Just as structural changes are always part of everyday life. Fortunately, no extensive floorwork is necessary for the extension of the distribution center. The extended part will be used for block storage of the large sheets that do not fit into the HRL. After the construction work, the shipping department is once again prepared for the challenges ahead.

Photo: Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH · Damme

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