For more than 35 years, we have been a reliable partner for our customers. We offer a relaxed all-round service: Starting with our own modern corrugated board production, through innovative packaging development, to high-quality corrugated board processing with fully automated production processes. The gentle storage and on-time delivery of the goods round off the service offered.

Product Range

Our Package

Corrugated board is our material of choice since it offers you tremendous flexibility and design capabilities. In addition, it is a sustainable product and conserves the environment. We offer various solutions for the protection and transportation of goods.

Corrugated Sheets

With our corrugators, we can produce all qualities from E to AC flute, single or double corrugated, and cut them directly to size.


Fanfold corrugated board is a flexible solution for bulky goods. The customer can cut it themselves according to their own needs.

Packaging and Cardboard

We can convert every quality of corrugated board to folding boxes, die-cut packaging, folding bottom and erecting boxes as well as heavy cargo packaging. It is also possible to print on the packaging using various printing methods from digital, to flexo, to 6-color offset printing for the most unique look.

Customer-specific designs are also possible via our in-house development department.

Functional Shipping Packaging for E-commerce

For retail mail order, we offer functional packaging with tear strips, self-adhesive strips, and other sealing options.

Protective Cushions

For the protection of packaged goods, we offer scoring cushions as well as folded corrugated cardboard cushions.

Services at a Glance

Modern Corrugated Board Production

The production is carried out by two corrugators manufactured by BHS Corrugated. Up to 500 million m2 of corrugated board can be manufactured per year with a working width of 2800mm.

Innovative Product Development

We develop your packaging: From the CAD-supported design of new samples to sample creation through our new and innovative G3-Zünd cutting plotter, to the creation of graphic and design proposals for your cardboard packaging.

Individual Packaging

It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, we produce high-quality packaging to the individual requests of customers. This takes place in a production area of 45,000 m2 with modern converting machines in a flexible 3-shift system. The fully automatic production process guarantees a consistently good quality as well as a high degree of precision and speed - from cutting to folding and printing to palletizing.

High Quality Cardboard Boxes

A quality management, energy and hygiene management system that has been established and certified for years guarantees the fulfillment of high demands. Furthermore, Zerhusen Kartonagen is certified according to FSC.

Gentle Storage

Our fully automatic high-bay storage warehouse has a height of 36 meters. The entire storage volume is around 50,000 pallet bays, and it takes up an area of around 25,000 m2. The computerized warehouse management system provides a permanent inventory monitoring.

Fast Delivery

On-time delivery is guaranteed by our logistics service, consisting of 23 company-owned trucks and 30 forwarding vehicles.