We, Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH, are a mid-sized family company headquartered in Damme, Germany and specialized in the manufacturing and processing of corrugated board and the production of high-quality packaging. Günter and Roland Zerhusen founded the 3-man-trading operation in 1987, since we have evolved into one of the largest German corrugated board factories. A further location is to be opened on the A1 in Neuenkirchen-Vördern.

Thanks to the support of our 720 employees and with the help of a state-of-the-art, high-performing machine park, we are able to produce around 300 million m2 of corrugated board per year. We convert this into folding boxes, erecting boxes, die-cut and heavy goods packaging.

We then primarily supply our customers in the food, wood and furniture, plastics and metal industries, as well as online retail. In fiscal year 2023, we generated a turnover of 173 million euros with these products.

Our reliable logistics service delivers the finished goods to our customers just-in-time within a radius of 400 kilometers. Up to 130 truckloads leave our premises every day. In addition to the company's own fleet of 23 trucks, about 30 forwarding vehicles are currently driving exclusively for Zerhusen.

At the heart of our success are our dedicated employees and the long-standing customer and supplier relationships characterized by reliability and trust. We also attach great importance to social commitment - especially regarding our employees, the economy, and the region in the areas of health, education, sports, social affairs, children, and youth.

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Our History in a Nutshell

  • 2005
    Expansion of company: new construction of administrative building
    Property acquisition: area Schmiesing
    Expansion of production: central dust extraction system
    Construction and commissioning of the second plant in Niedersachsenpark
    Second transportation bridge at the headquarters goes into operation
    Expansion of production: Bobst Midline FFG 924, Bobst Masterline 3, Bahmüller Turbox 230, Göpfert SMT circular shear
    Installation and commissioning of a new effluent treatment system
    Plant expansion: enlargement of paper warehouse, start of construction of Plant II in Niedersachsenpark, transport bridge corrugator - Hall 11
    Expansion Production: WPA II "Vicky", Containerline CL2055, Emba 170
  • 2021
    Expansion of company: extension of hall 11, sanitary building farmstead, technician offices in corrugator hall
    Expansion of production: Powerpacker, MuK-Robot behind Tubox XL, soundproofing gluing area
    Expansion of company: new construction of the development center; new construction of hall 11 (11,000 m²); new construction of recreational facilities in hall 11
    •Expansion of production: 2. Evolution 2800 from Göpfert; strapping line 4 and 5; folding gluing machine Turbox XL; Trayline; 4. Wastepaper press in hall 11; Enpro facility behind Jetbox
    Expansion of company: new construction of HRL 2 with 22,000 parking spaces, apprentice workshop in hall 2, bridge from hall 10 to HRL 2
    Expansion of production: 3. Master with 3 printing units; Powerpacker and MUK behind Turbox; 2. SRE from Göpfert; strapping line 3; folding gluing machine Jetbox 1700; Enpro facility behind Turbox
  • 2018
    Expansion of company: extension of HRL-dispatch hall with delivery lanes 5 and 6
    Gatehouse building; roof renovation hall 1 and hall 2
    Expansion of production: Turbox 2300
    Commission of AFL and transport bridge
    Inauguration of corrugator followed by "family day" for employees
    Expansion of production: 2. Mastercut 2.1 and flexpicker
    New construction of the 17,000 m² corrugated sheet feeder plant with commissioning of the BHS corrugator in December
    Construction of the automatic format warehouse (AFL) in hall 4
    Construction of the 220 m long transport bridge connection the corrugator hall to the production
  • 2015
    Expansion of the high-bay warehouse
    Expansion of halls 10 and 12
    New truck entrance via Borringhauser Straße
    Expansion of production: Bobst FFG 8.20 Expert
    Property acquisition of 35,000 m² for corrugator plant
    Optimization of the working process and preparation for the new construction measures
    Expansion of production: six color rotary die-cutter Bobst DRO 28 NT
    Conversion of hall 3 into production hall, automation of both folding gluing machines
    Expansion of the maintenance department and creation of an IT-department
  • 2012
    Expansion of the production area by 2,000 m² by converting hall 3 into a production hall
    Expansion of production: expansion of the conveyor technology with second Cyklop strapping line
    Wastepaper press, G3 ignition plotter and taper with additional gluing device
    Property acquisition: farmstead Schwertann
    Expansion of production: laminating line, automatic stack turner, automatic packing station
    Expansion of company: High-bay warehouse, dispatch center, pallet inspection site
  • 2009
    Property acquisition: partial part of Schwertmann – 5 hectares
    Expansion of production: Starfold and laminating unit
    Expansion of company: Canopy Versand Halle 9 und Halle 4
    Expansion of production: Master 2.1, testing laboratory, operating offices
    Expansion of production: Taper
  • 2006
    Expansion of company: construction of raw material hall 10
    Expansion of production: Minda transfer car system, Evolution, and paint mixing facility
    Property acquisition and expansion of company: hall Nyhuis: modification for converting of small articles
    Expansion of company: hall 9
    Expansion of production: Domino gluing machine, Martin Miniline, and Rota Stanze Klett
  • 2002
    Expansion of company: Leichtbauhallen Sportpark
    Property acquisition: area of Krümpelmann to be used as a parking lot for personnel and commercial vehicles
    Property acquisition: Sportpark Holz Weber
    Expansion of production: Die-cutting "Vision" and Plotter
    Expansion of production: Martin Transline 2800
  • 1999
    Expansion of production: Paal paper press
    Property acquisition of 7,500 m²
    Property acquisition of 4,643 m²
    Expansion of company: new construction of hall 5 and 6
  • 1996
    Expansion production: Göpfert SRE
    Expansion of production: several small machines
    Expansion of production: Martin midline 924 and transformation station
  • 1993
    Marc Zerhusen enters as production manager
    Installation of first converting machine – Göpfert Slotter
    Expansion of company: new construction of common areas in production such as locker rooms.
    Property acquisition of 3,130 m²
    Expansion of company: new construction of hall 4, dispatch building, and workshop
    Property acquisition of 6,206 m²
    Expansion of company: new construction of hall 3 and loading zone
  • 1990
    Expansion of company: Office renovation
    Expansion of company: Extension of hall 2
    Property acquisition of 2,950 m²
    Expansion of company: new construction of hall 2
  • 1987
    Founding of Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH, with the Commercial Register No. 1319 on 01.01 under Günter and Roland Zerhusen
    Number of employees: 3
    Extension of hall 1
    Annual turnover: 2.7 million Deutsche marks
    Günter Zerhusen beaufsichtigt den Bau
    Property acquisition of 4,268 m²
    Construction of the first hall

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Our Employees

"Our employees are the heart of our company and the cornerstone of our success. Without their daily commitment, their know-how, their dedicated work, and their loyalty to us, even the most modern machinery would be of no use to us. Our employees are very dear to us, after all they are the ones who are 'the life' of the company and are ultimately Zerhusen!"

Roland Zerhusen

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success with their professional expertise, reliability and commitment to the company. We employ people of different ages, cultures and nationalities, with and without disabilities.

Many of them come from the region and - which makes us particularly proud - some have been with us for a very long time. Working together in a spirit of partnership and appreciation is just as important to us as training and employee development.

The skills and the personal connections of our employees to customers, partners and suppliers are of great importance for our business relationships and for the quality of our products and processes. That is why one of our key objectives is to train our own expertise and retain qualified employees. We achieve this through a fundamentally appreciative and cooperative working relationship and through specific measures for employee training, retention, and development.


Implemented Hygiene Management System:

Certification according to DIN EN 15593

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Responsible forestry:

Certification according to FSC-STD-40-004

License number: FSC® C126262

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Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015

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Authorization number: DE AEOS 129859

EORI number: DE 5128846

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Certification according to DIN ISO 50001:2018

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  • 2018

    Günter Zerhusen receives the Entrepreneur Award of Verbund OM for his life's work.

  • 2017

    From paper to cardboard

  • 2016

    Roland Zerhusen – Cooperation between OLB and Zerhusen Kartonagen