Humane, Reliable, Ecological

Packaging is our passion. We know from our more than 35-year history, it’s not just "what" a company produces that counts. To be successful for a long period of time, it is just as important to consider the "how."

Since the founding of our family-owned company in Damme, we have taken responsibility for our employees, the region, and our environment. This approach of trusting, respectful and loyal cooperation as well as consideration of ecological aspects is still the central core of our corporate culture today.

We have been transparently disclosing our actions since the publication of our first CSR report in 2019. We have anchored our approach in a sustainability framework. It is intended to provide us with orientation for continuous improvement. After all, sustainable management is more than ever the order of the day if we want to counter the climate crisis as a global community and achieve the agreed 1.5-degree target and economic transformation together. We will continue to follow this path.

To accomplish this, we have developed fields of action in the three areas of economy, ecology and social affairs and defined concrete, ambitious goals for the future. Let's engage in a constructive exchange. Only together can we succeed in the sustainable transformation of the economy.


People have shaped our family business right from day one.

We feel dependent on, responsible for and connected to every single employee, as well as to the people of our region, to customers and partners.


As a manufacturer of high-quality packaging, our work has an impact on the environment.

We try to minimize these permanently through modern production facilities, savings, and efficiency improvements as well as many other activities.


As is customary in our region, we stand by the guiding principle of the honorable merchant.

Long-term success, without conflicting with the interests of society, is more important than short-term profits. Values, virtues, and a handshake count.


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