Investment in the Second C-flute

For more flexibility and to produce different flute combinations, we decided to invest in a second C-flute.

As a result, we are now able to produce the C-flute not only on MF 2 but also on MF 1, which gives us greater production reliability. Furthermore, we can also offer C-flute in the flute combination CC, which is hardly produced by any other corrugated board manufacturer in Germany.

The CC-flute is used as an alternative to the existing BC-flute. This has the economic advantage that the same stability can be achieved with the CC-flute with lower paper grammages as in the BC combination with higher (more expensive) paper grammages. In addition, we are more flexible because the C-flute can be used in both grades. This means that even if there is a malfunction in one unit, we can still run the C-flute in the other unit.

Photo: Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH · Damme

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