Roof Renovation on Halls 1 and 2

Run-down, old light panels that let water through in many places, dripping onto the goods and even worse onto the machines, made the roof renovation of the two production halls 1 and 2 unavoidable.

The work began a few weeks ago and is scheduled to be completed in September. The substructure of the 30-year-old roof was renewed by the roofing company Matthias Stöver and, among other things, reinforced with new supporting beams. For one hundred percent water protection, the roof was completely resealed by the specialist company with sub-foil, insulation and closing foil. The old light plates were replaced by Wurst with new metal plates that provide more stability.

The new roof sheeting should guarantee that unwanted water leaks will finally be a thing of the past. The installation of the new smoke-heat exhaust systems, which can be opened electrically, will allow more fresh air and, especially in the machine area, more natural light to enter the hall at the same time. The new insulation will also provide a cooling effect in the summer and keep the hall warm in the winter.

In an attempt to be prepared for the increasingly frequent heavy rainfall, an additional pressure drainage system was installed by Helmes. This measure was necessary because the normal drainage systems are now overtaxed by large amounts of rain and a large amount of water backs up as a result. The advantage of this system is that smaller pipe cross-sections are used, which creates a negative pressure effect that draws the water off the roof. After the successful completion of the construction work, Halls 1 and 2 are - hopefully - ready for the next thirty years.

 Photo: Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH · Damme

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