Construction Progress of the Second High-bay Storage Warehouse

After a construction phase of approx. 6 months, the construction of the high-bay warehouse 2 (HRL 2) is completed. Roof, wall, and exterior finishing touches have been completed and the logo "Vernarrt in Damme" has been applied.

A new logo will soon be applied to the east side as well. The three storage and retrieval machines have been mounted and are now being equipped with the necessary controls. In addition, the new bridge from Hall 10 to HRL 2 is ready and the conveyor system has also been installed.

From today's perspective, the targeted commissioning date (06.11.2019) will be met. Until then, software and system settings will be made. A trial phase lasting several weeks will then take place in September to ensure that no unpleasant surprises occur during commissioning.

Photo: Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH · Damme

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