New Strapping Line (U3)

With the construction of the new high-bay warehouse 2 (HRL 2), storage capacities are increased enormously. In order to be able to use these effectively and at the same time to optimize the production processes and the flow of goods, a new strapping line 3 is being installed.

When production was running at full capacity, the two existing strapping lines 1 and 2 had previously experienced bottlenecks and even "traffic jams" when transporting goods to the HRL, which is carried out from the strapping lines via a bridge. With the commissioning in summer 2019, the U3 will provide relief so that a continuous material outflow from the production is guaranteed and bottlenecks up to standstills will be a thing of the past.

The U3 consists of a film wrapper, cyclop strapper, pallet inserter, and scale and height control. From the U3, the goods are conveyed via a separate bridge to HRL 1 and HRL 2 for storage. The supplier of the corresponding conveyor technology is the company Minda, with whom a good and trusting cooperation has existed for years.

Photo: pbt planungsbüro tabor & MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH

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