Turbox Strengthens the Machine Park

On 6.12.2018, the first official order ran on the new Turbox BTX 2300 folder gluer from Bahmüller.

One week before, the responsible machine operators had been successfully trained in the operation of the machine by two fitters from Bahmüller. Project manager Christian Winter and his colleague Paul Diel had already gained some experience, as they had already been trained for several days on a similar machine in Bavaria at the Liebensteiner company. Thanks to this thorough preparation, the Turbox was commissioned earlier than expected and could reliably start a two-shift operation. The machine has a weight of 29 tons and a length of around 25 meters.

The reason for the investment was the high utilization of existing machines and the continuously growing order situation. One of the advantages of the Turbox BTX 2300 is that it can produce larger formats than before, with a maximum working width of 2300 mm. The special feature of this machine, however, is its innovative folding technology concept. With the help of servo-rotary hooks, the folding process is carried out completely from below, enabling faster work processes. Overall, the machine is characterized by quiet and continuous production. Energy-saving motors and a modern user interface are also advantages of the new acquisition.

Another benefit is the additional module of an angular transport belt, which is used to fulfill orders where packaging with a tear strip and silicone strip for quick opening and resealing is desired and makes additional adhesive tape superfluous.

Increased output and thus profitability can also be achieved with two additional modules that will be added to the machine in the summer/fall. The first is the Power Packer BFP, which, thanks to the automatic take-off with integrated bundling unit, makes work easier for employees when transferring the sheets to the bundling machine. Like the Turbox BTX 2300, it is also from Bahmüller. On the other hand, the automatic packing robot from the company MUK is to complement the machine. It enables faster running times and personnel savings.

Photos: Gerald Lampe · foto:hölzen GmbH · Dinklage

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