Commissioning of Our Second Corrugator "Vicky"

On June 25, 2022, our second corrugator "Vicky" from BHS Corrugated was officially put into operation. Senior manager Magda Zerhusen ceremoniously pressed the start button as part of the family day and in front of the assembled workforce, thus setting another milestone in Zerhusen's company history.

After the commissioning of the first corrugator "Victoria I." in 2016, the order situation developed excellently and Zerhusen Kartonagen was able to assert itself on the market as a manufacturer of corrugated board. As a result, the order volume also increased rapidly and further investments in the converting area followed to meet the order volume. This in turn led to full capacity utilization of the first corrugator.

Photo: Gerald Lampe · foto:hölzen GmbH · Dinklage

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