World Record!

Just five months after commissioning our second corrugator "Vicky", our team managed to produce more linear meters in an eight-hour shift than anyone else.

Within one eight-hour shift, 196,299 linear meters of corrugated board were produced on 19.10.2022. This beat the previous world record, according to the machine manufacturer and world market leader BHS. During the record shift, the 2.80m wide "Vicky" line ran without a single stop minute at an average speed of 408 m/min and a maximum speed of 452 m/min. A total of 545,993 m² of corrugated board was produced, which corresponds to an area of 70 soccer fields. This required 195 t of corrugated board base paper.

Update: Unfortunately, our record has already been broken again.

Photo: Zerhusen Kartonagen GmbH · Damme

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