New World Record on the Corrugator!

It's official, on Wednesday, 29.11.2023, we set a new world record on corrugator 2 "Vicky" and are the first company in the world to produce more than 200,000 linear meters of corrugated board in an 8-hour shift.

This was the third record attempt in the last three weeks, after the system had repeatedly performed well in various shifts.

A moment of shock occurred after around 3 ½ hours when a drive belt broke. During a 6-minute standstill, the team repaired the damage and secured the record.

A total of 202,436 running meters of corrugated board were produced on the "Vicky". It ran at an average speed of 421 m/min and a maximum speed of 452 m/min. In the process, 207.5 tons of raw paper were converted into 541,416 m² of corrugated board.

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