Our 2022 CSR Report Is Here!

The Term “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) describes the willingness to contribute to sustainable development on the initiative of the business world. And what about sustainability at Zerhusen Kartonagen? You can find out in our recently published second sustainability report. You can find excerpts of our sustainability strategy and our goals via the above menu in the Sustainability section. Here you can view or download the complete CSR Report 2020-2022.

The new CSR report is an important milestone in our sustainability strategy because, although we have remained true to the core of our 2019 approach, we have now formulated binding sustainability targets that must be met. In addition, last fall we established a sustainability team that is establishing sustainability management with the participation of our executives.

We owe the development of the new report to Barbara and Stefan Wagner from "Büro für CSR, Marketing & Kommunikation." Carola Welter, from the advertising agency, "WelterWerk," is responsible for the layout of the report. Our internal project team - Rebecca Behrends, Charlotte Maue, and Carina Wiese - supported the creation of the report with up-to-date information and visual material.

Photo: Gerald Lampe · foto:hölzen GmbH · Dinklage

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