Nominated for the "OM-Zukunftsmacherin 2024" Award

On May 23, 2024, the "OM-Zukunftsmacherin" award will be presented for the third time at the OM Media House in Emstek. Linda Stärk, Commercial Manager at Zerhusen Kartonagen, is among the nominees.

Despite a family connection to the company from an early age, Linda Stärk sought independence and personal challenges, including during a school stay of several months in England at the age of 17. Her well-considered steps eventually led her to the joint management of Zerhusen Kartonagen with her brother.

After careful consideration, she decided to study business psychology and then gained experience in various companies. Her path to management finally began with a trainee position at Pöppelmann in Lohne, followed by a restructuring of her parents' business, which led to a managerial position in sales.

While facing the new challenges of motherhood and management, she finds balance in horse riding. Stärk considers it normal to be a woman in a management position and encourages other women to follow their own path with confidence.

The "OM-Zukunftsmacherin" award ceremony honors personalities such as Linda Stärk, whose work has had a positive impact on social development. The event also serves as a platform for networking committed women in order to promote innovative ideas and sustainable projects.

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